About US


Sideplast is a Spanish company specialised in the field of waterproofing through the implementation of plastic geomembranes in different types of applications in special projects.

Our goal is to provide solutions for water collection and isolation, offering the necessary safety for the correct treatment of resulting residues from different industrial or agricultural activities. With our isolation alternatives we contribute to reinforce the safety and comfort of your company, your productive activity and your home. 

We commercialise and instal geomembranes, geosynthetic products in laminar, continuous and flexible form, that can be used as a barrier impermeable to liquids or other fluids in environmental projects or civil engineering, designed to withstand conditions of exposure to UV rays.

Our products have appropiate mechanical properties, high physical resistance, high chemical inertness, high electrical insulation, they don't absorb moisture and are inert to biological agents.

We have gained the trust of important firms as well as that of engineering and construction professionals that have implemented our geomembranes across the years in different projects with excellent results. They’re a great alternative to the common standards.

To provide excellent eco-friendly and civil engineer appropriate products and services, constantly developing innovations for the efficient application of our products, in order to be able to quickly solve any problems our clients may encounter.

To establish ourselves as a leading company in the market for products and services, maintaining the firm conviction that our excellency in customer service and the level of quality in the execution of projects will continue to be our primary asset in a highly competitive market that’s in constant development.