Waterproofing of flat surfaces

Waterproofing tasks are a specialty of the construction industry that require experience, material and safety measures at certain heights.

Changes in temperature, precipitation and the movements of the building, for instance, deteriorate the enveloping, making them permeable to rainwater as well as to the cold and heat. They cause leaks, moisture stains and oxidation, which results in the deterioration of the property.

In time, as humidity persists, it creates a toxic environment for humans. Thus the resources destined to waterproofing are an investment, as they contribute to prolong the durability of the property and maintain its good appearance.

At Sideplast we fully dedicate ourselves to the waterproofing of flat surfaces, achieving the best results by preventing the reoccurrence of water infiltration.

Our work stands out by guaranteeing maximum quality and fast execution by qualified professionals. In order to achieve all that, we have the PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) geomembranes. Their main characteristic is their resistance of UV rays. Their internal composition consists in a polyester frame that prevents the from giving or expanding over the years, which makes them highly resistant to tearing.

Among our waterproofing projects, we like to highlight a few, including:
- roof waterproofing
- waterproofing of water tables
- gardens, swimming pools, channels and retaining walls